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WISHKNOT - 590/590 - Hydraulic Chrome

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2562.00 €
“Wishknot”, literally “knot of desire”, has a shape taken from the Chinese tradition that invokes the node connected to births and marriages. Particularly appreciated by the decorative arts of the ‘30 years.
Strong geometric appeal, unique and inimitable, almost a heating sculpture. An essential idea that has translated archetypal form of the Eastern tradition into this original radiator.
Proposed originally in raw aluminum, Wishknot is now presented in the new version in stainless steel AISI 316 raw, brushed, polished or in the guise of “jewellry” with 17 Swarovski crystals, capable of enriching the wall in every corner of the house.

Measurements can be customized.
The electrical version will be available shortly.
- Code WISHKNOT - 590/590 CS#253818
- Peso 8.50 kg

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