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Solar Charge Controller 7A/12V

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35.10 €
Charge controller for solar applications. Allows to provide the correct amount of current to the batteries protecting them from excess discharge or charge with the aim to prolong the possible life cycle. Three LEDs indicate the battery status: green protection from over-charging, yellow and red charging battery from over-discharge protection (the load is disconnected). It has connectors for a quick and easy connection to solar panel, battery and load.


     Input voltage (max.): 22 Vdc
     Current (max.): 7
     Protection from over-charging: 14 V (+0.5 V)
     Protection against over-discharge: 10.5 V (+0.5 V)
     Operating Temperature: -10 ° C ~ 42 ° C
     Dimensions: 80 x 110 x 25 mm
     Weight: 140 g
- Code 8220-SOL7UC
- Peso 0.80 kg

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