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Inverter with Auto Restart and Soft Start - 600w 12VDC/230VAC

HQ Power
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69.91 €
DC / AC output waveform Modified sine and maximum power of 600 watts. The inverter is equipped, as well as Soft-Start,
Auto-Restart also (self-resetting fuse) that, in case of momentary overload inhibits the inverter for about 10 seconds.
If the overload persists, the inverter is inhibited. The inverter has taken SHUKO type and can be used to power TV, VCRs,
PCs, stereos, refrigerators, etc..


     Rated Power Output: 600 W
     Input voltage: 12 Vdc nominal (10 to 15 Vdc)
     Output Voltage: 230 Vac 50 Hz
     Output Waveform: Modified Sine
     Protections: overload, reverse polarity and short circuit output
     Idling current: <400 mA
     Dimensions: 210 x 105 x 60 mm
     Weight: 1.1 kg
- Code 8220-PSI600S
- Peso 1.40 kg

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