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Daikin Emura air conditioning White - 9000 btu

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1492.40 €
 The new Daikin Emura wall model represents an excellent combination of technology and design.

• The ultra-thin profi le fi nish and elegant versions of opaque white or brushed aluminum make it an
ideal piece of furniture.

• Optimum air thanks to the comfort.

• Excellent energy class (A) for a reduced consumption and attention
aware of the environmental impact.

• The new wall is a perfect blend of: substance and style, image and functionality, intelligent heating
and Cooling rescate effi cient.

• Ultra-compact size: only 156 mm deep.

• economic function that reduces power consumption by allowing the simultaneous use of other equipment.

• Stylish appearance with thin
• Energy saving: elevatofi not very EER to 4.46 (energy class 'A')
• Ensures maximum comfort
• Sound pressure minimum of 22 dB (A)
• Wide operating range: -10 to 46 ° C for Resca and Cooling from -15 to 20 ° C for heating.
• Remote control with settings in the 24-hour weekly program.

Cooling Mode income, the blade is locked in a horizontal position and the fl ow of air is piped in parallel
to blow ct. In this way you avoid that unpleasant cold drafts can you invest directly.
In heating mode, the blade is locked in an upright position by channeling the air fl ow down. This ensures
an even air distribution throughout the room.

The indoor unit distributes air almost imperceptibly. The noise only reaches 22dB (A) Cooling income.
For comparison the average noise in a room is about 40dB (A). And we guarantee that the external drive
will not disturb your neighbors.
- Peso 41.00 kg

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