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360° Vecto Wireless Water Resistant Speaker - Black

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109.90 €
The wireless Vecto speaker from Veho has been designed for the outdoor lifestyle. With its rugged robust chassis and water resistant housing the Vecto speaker is the perfect companion for camping, festivals, trekking, sailing, the beach, picnics or lazing by the pool.

Connect your wireless Bluetooth device, such as your smartphone, tablet or MP3 player, using the NFC quick pair and enjoy the Vecto's 8 watts of high fidelity sound. Multi-task and never miss a call with the integrated microphone or use the built in MP3 player and microSD slot and take your tunes with you.

Not only is the Vecto a speaker but it also houses a powerful 6000mAh power bank to recharge your smartphone over 4 times or top up your other USB charged devices such as torches, GPS, action cameras when you are away from mains power.

Patent Pending: 1319546.6

Key Features:

- Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 low energy and NFC quick pair for ultimate range and connectivity
- Rugged robust chassis and IP64 water resistant housing, designed for the outdoors
- Large 6000mAh power bank to charge most smartphones 4 times
- Dual acoustic drivers coupled with two powerful speakers to give a wide audio spectrum
- Built-in hands free microphone and microSD slot for standalone MP3 playback

Box Contains:

- Vecto Speaker
- 1 x micro USB to USB Cable
- 1 x micro USB to Line-in Cable

Specifications    Coming Soon
microSD Card Slot    Maximum 16GB
Bluetooth Version    4.0
NFC    Compatible with latest Samsung, Nokia, LG, HTC or Son Smartphone
    Nokia, LG, HTC or Son Smartphone
Capacity    6000mAh
Play Time (Bluetooth)    16 hours
Play Time (Line-in)    20 Hours
Charge Time    4 Hours
Water Resistant Rating    IPX 4
- Code VXS-001-BLK
- Peso 0.30 kg

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